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What is Google’s Gemini AI

Google has recently revealed its Gemini AI model. You can explore its capabilities for free by accessing the Gemini Pro version in the Bard chatbot. Additionally, Pixel 8 Pro users can now use a variant of Gemini in their AI-suggested text replies on WhatsApp, with Gboard integration anticipated in  future.At present, only a silver of Gemini is available to use.we can expect future releases with multimodal capabilities, allowing the chatbot to handle various input forms and generate other outputs. Now, only the text-based version has been added into Bard.Now it is available in only English language,it will available in other languages soon.


How to use Google’s Gemini Pro

If you have Google account then you can login inside of Bard.To try Gemini you need personal email id,you may see error in software as it is now for experiment use.Bard’s current strength is in its integration with other Google services, though it may have  issues. Mention @Gmail in your prompt to have the chatbot summarize your daily messages or tag @YouTube to explore topics with videos. While our initial tests finds potential for these integrations, there are still some issues that need to solve.

If you have Pixel 8 Pro , you can also use Gemini on your device without an internet connection. The phone supports Gemini Nano, a version of Gemini that the device can run even when offline. Gemini Nano can provide two features on your Pixel 8 Pro and Recorder and Smart Reply

Recorder app

With help of Gemini, the app can generate summary of a full meeting in just a click,it will give you a quick overview of the main points and highlights. To use this feature, you need to open the app and start recording. You can then click on the summary button to see the Gemini Nano-generated summary of the audio.

There are the two ways you can try Google’s new Gemini AI model on Bard and Pixel 8 Pro. Gemini is still in its starting stages, and Google is working on its Improvements and expanding its capabilities and availability.

Smart Reply

Smart Reply is a feature that advice the next talk to say in a messaging app. On the Pixel 8 Pro, the feature is powered with Gemini Nano, helps to generate more consistent and natural responses than before. To use Smart Reply, you need AiCore in the Developer Options in the Settings, and then open  WhatsApp conversation. First go to Settings > Developer Options > AiCore Settings > Enable Aicore Persistent.

With it enabled, you will see Gemini Nano-powered Smart Reply suggestions in the Gboard keyboard’s suggestion. now, this feature is available as a limited preview for US English in WhatsApp. But Google plans to extend support to more apps and regions.

Google Gemini AI Video

In a recent demo Google Gemini AI Video, Google staged parts of Gemini video which is a GPT-4 competitor. Google accepted that its video named “Hands-on with Gemini: Interacting with multimodal AI,” was edited to speed process of outputs (which was written in the video description).

Other than Gemini also predict and respond to a drawing or change in objects on the table in real time, the demo was made with “using still images from the footage and prompting via text.” The video made to mislead the audience into believing Gemini’s capability. The video is rather questionable due to the lack of disclaimers about how inputs are actually made.

The original viral video tells about a developing illustration of a duck from a squiggle to a completed drawing. In which Gemini responds that the duck is of an unrealistic colour, then exhibits surprise (“What the quack!”) After seeing a toy blue duck. then answers to voice queries about that toy. The demo moves  to other show-off moves, like tracking a ball in a cup-switching game,rearranging sketches of planets,identifying shadow puppet, and more.

The viral demo wasn’t carried out in real time or in voice. While speaking with Bloomberg Opinion, a Google spokesperson said it was made by “using still image frames from the footage, and prompting via text,” and they points to a site showing how others could converse with Gemini with photos of their hands, or other objects or of drawings . Making Gemini is very different from what Google is trying to be suggest, “that a person could have a smooth voice conversation with Gemini as it watched and responded in real time to the world around it,” wrote, Parmy Olson in an opinion piece at Bloomberg.

It’s not the first time Google’s demo videos have been questioned. In the past, the technology giant faced doubts about the legitimacy of its Duplex demo, which featured an AI assistant making reservations at hair salons and restaurants.

In a demo, Google Duplex was shown to be able to make reservations at a restaurant, book hair appointments, and in book travel. Some journalists and experts concluded after Google demonstrated Google Duplex that the demonstration was not authentic but a set-up. The calls and tasks executed by Google Duplex were acknowledge fake, according to various media reports.

The reason behind its fakeness is that there was background noise made during the calls, among other suspicions.


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