Aquaman 2 Movie Review

Aquaman 2 Movie Review

In the eagerly awaited sequel to the first Aquaman’s monumental success, Jason Momoa reprises his role as the iconic Arthur Curry, plunging into the depths of Atlantis to face a catastrophic ancient threat. Yet, the film’s path to the screen is clouded by leadership shifts, delays, reshoots, and controversies, fueling both skepticism and anticipation.In the highly anticipated sequel to the monumental success of the first Aquaman, Jason Momoa returns as the iconic Arthur Curry, diving into the depths of Atlantis to confront a catastrophic ancient power. However, the film’s journey to the big screen has been marred by leadership changes, delays, reshoots, and controversies, creating a cloud of skepticism and anticipation.

From the trailer to star cast, everything about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom aka Aquaman 2 has managed to leave the audience excited. Given the phenomenal success of Aquaman, fans have been wondering about how Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will fare at the box office in India. Talking about the same in an exclusive conversation with Filmibeat, producer and film business expert Girish Johar stated that the Aquaman 2 is expected to have a slow but nice start at the box office.

He also tells that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom aka Aquaman 2 is expected to rake in over Rs 5 crores at the box office. Interestingly, Aquaman 2 will be witnessing a box office clash with Shah Rukh Khan and Taapsee Pannu starrer Dunki and Prabhas and Prithviraj Sukumaran’ Salaar. Talking about the clash, Girish Johar emphasised that Aquaman 2 is a metro centric film and will have a decent start but nothing extraordinary owing to the clash.

He tells “It has fans primarly from specific English speaking youth. Aquaman 2 is English metro urban youth and Salaar is mass south 20-35 male action, Dunki is family audience, it has wider appeal. but it is not mass, it is urban metro appeal. All three have different target audience. It all depends on board in the first weekend or first week. ,”

Dunki is expected to rake in over Rs 35 crores at the box office while Salaar is expected to mint over Rs 25 crores in all languages combined. It will be more interesting to see how the film will fair in the coming days at the box office.

Advance Booking In China

As per the trade analyst Luiz Fernando, Aquaman 2 has added $296K via advance booking collection on Monday. The Jason Momoa led film has added total pre-booking sales of $977K in the period between December 19 and 25. These numbers are a tad better than The Marvels ($948K) and The Batman ($957K).

Aquaman 2 is currently behind The Flash, which had raked in a sum of $1 million by this duration. With one more day to go for pre-booking sales, let’s see where this James Wan directorial will land in advance booking collection in China. There will also be previews on Wednesday that will add to its total earnings ahead of release.

As per the report, Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom has already booked 91K screenings for its opening day. There is an additional 30K estimated in the next 24 hours.

As for the previews, over 3K screenings have been booked so far.


Aquaman 2 stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. It is scheduled to be released in the United States on December 22, 2023.


Note: Box office numbers are based on estimates and various sources. Numbers have not been independently

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom coming in theaters on December 22,2023.

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